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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Mastercare property Services Pty Limited (Mastercare) is an Australian owned cleaning company that provides a full range of immaculate service to all the aspects of the service industry. Having worked in the service sector for more than 2 decades, the company has the necessary skill, extensive experience and knowledge of all the aspects of property management and facilities management. Their commitment to constantly communicate with their customers and to provide service 24/7 and strive to handle any and/all issues has set them apart from their competitors and has given them the well deserved reputation for providing service of above par quality. Their dedication to quality has enabled them in attaining the Quality Assurance ISO: 9001 Certified Systems.

With a team of highly trained and efficient staffs, they pay close attention to every need of their customers, ensuring utmost client satisfaction through quality work. Regardless of the work needing cleaning, the company can provide a range of services tailored to suit each client’s business cleaning requirements. You can be rest assured with excellent service as each business cleaning service team is committed to ongoing training and development, quality work and the importance of Occupational, Health and Safety.

We here at Mastercare Cleaners specialize in a range of services, including Office Cleaning in Perth, Western Australia. We recognize that every business is unique and may have particular cleaning needs that differ greatly from our other clients and that is why we are committed to tailor making all of our office cleaning services in Perth in order to satisfy those needs and wants, making sure you get the necessary cleaning service in order to keep your office in a pristine condition. No office cleaning job is too big or too small for us are our great expert teams of cleaners are able to accommodate to businesses of any size, even working 24/7 to help you get the best working environment possible. We believe that we can be your partner in maintaining a clean office as your work environment is a great reflection of how you operate as an organization.

Providing service more than the customers’ perceived expectation,  our goal as the premier office cleaners in Perth is to help you maintain a clean and organized working environment in order to uphold a positive image to the stakeholder in your business, such as your business partners and customers, and to keep your employees safe and happy. And that is why we have developed an extensive range of services in line with our commitment of offering top of the line office cleaning solutions. This means that we use the latest cutting edge technology that will help keep your office in a prime condition and also follow the best cleaning services in the industry.

Many of these great services include but are not limited to the following:

We believe that with a good quality cleaning service, there has to be good communication amongst the company and their customers. We believe that the key to outstanding customer service is communication and that is why we maintain a tight line of communication, designation one point of contact who can handle any and all issues and complaints as a matter of utmost urgency. This great communication service helps us maintain the greatest office cleaning service in Perth.

To conclude, Mastercare Cleaners are one of the top cleaners in the industry, with over 25 years of great experience and service in the professional cleaning field. Our wide range of services, including ones we tailor make for some of our customers, help us satisfy all of our customers’ cleaning related needs and wants and by being recognized for having high quality cleaning service, we are at a intensity that simply no other company in this field can match.

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