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Mastercare Cleaners is a cleaning services company located in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 1988, the company has over 25 years of experience in this highly competitive industry and as it was in the past, is a fully Australian owned company, familiar with the great environment of Australia. Due to extensive experience in the industry, we have managed to know all aspects of property maintenance and facilities management. We consider our customers’ satisfaction as our number one priority and we strive for high quality service and professionalism towards our work. With such high regards to our customers, we tailor our services to suit specific business cleaning requirements as they all vary with each customer.

One of the unique aspects about our services is that they are provided 24/7, and deliver outstanding site and staff presentation, allowing for seamless scheduling and reporting. As an attempt to keep lines of communication tight with all of our customers, we designate one point of contact who can handle all issues and complaints as a matter of utmost urgency. With great recognition for our high value and quality services that our clients can rely on, we can provide you with many different types cleaning solutions, such as carpet and furniture shampooing, window cleaning, and curtain laundering in Perth.

With the specialised cleaning service of commercial establishments, we are your partner for first-rate commercial cleaning in Perth. No task is either too small or too large for us and we strive for perfection with our cleaning services. Whether it be the cleaning of small office spaces or high rise buildings located in the Central Business District, we here at Mastercare Cleaners have the expertise required to address your commercial needs. We know of your different demands and we will work with you to identify specific points that need addressing, with the use of our resources and manpower to satisfy special and specific client needs.

We understand that cleaning a commercial establishment can be an extremely overwhelming job, even more so if you have a big space in are located in high rise commercial buildings. Our workers are trained to realize the difficulties associated with preserving the orderliness of such establishments and that is why all of the work conducted by us is done so in the least intrusive manner possible, allowing for normal operations to continue and not let our work interfere with yours. A few of the building services and maintenance which we specialise in include rubbish removal, pest control, mechanical maintenance and even provisions for garden and landscaping services. We have the necessary tools, manpower, and expertise to deliver high quality services that meets and exceeds your high expectations.

One of the main commercial cleaning services we carry out is the cleaning of offices in Perth and that is why we offer a comprehensive assortment of services in line with our commitment of offering top of the line office cleaning solutions. Our main goal as premier office cleaners in Perth, Western Australia, is to help you keep and maintain a clean and organized working environment that will greatly help in upholding a positive image to all of your stakeholders, ensuring that they are safe and happy. As a result, we use the latest state of the art technology and follow the best cleaning practices in the industry, including but are not limited to professional carpet and furniture shampooing, care cleaning and detailing, window cleaning, curtain laundering, graffiti removal, and rubbish removal. We tailor our services to fit your varied needs, doing whatever it takes to keep your office in pristine condition.

To draw to a close, Mastercare Cleaners are a highly esteemed company located in Perth, Western Australia, with over 2 decades worth of experience and service in this highly challenging market. We strive for perfection with all of our cleaning projects regardless of their size and aim to provide you with the best possible service that will satisfy all of your cleaning related needs and wants. Our wide array of unique cleaning services keeps us at the peak of the industry, working at a level that simply no other company in the cleaning industry can match.

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